Commissions: Something Just For You

Welcome to the world of open possibilities!  Whether it's your imagination in full color, an old memory that sparks pure nostalgia, a dream you're holding your breath for, let me put my brush to a canvas and paint your vision to life! Simply put, a commission is an original piece painted by me, in my expression, with your vision or source at the center. Something that speaks just to you, for you.

Ready to begin?

Step 1:  Please fill out the form below. In the "Description" area, please let me know what you have in mind for your piece, if you have a color scheme, if this is a gift or for yourself. Please also let me know if there's a timeline for when you want this art piece done. 

Step 2:  Pay 50% deposit down - The remaining 50% will be collected at the time of completion.

Step 3:  Stay up to date!  Expect progress pictures within the first 10 days of starting the project.

Step 4:  Painting will be insured & shipped right to your front door!



All paintings will be original, custom made, on a gallery wrapped canvas. Mediums used will be acrylic & oil paint, along with other mediums such as gold leafing, spray paint, or art crayons. 

Note: I handle commissions on a first come, first served basis.  Please know that these inquiries can take up to anywhere from 3-10 weeks to complete. It's necessary for me to not be rushed to completion for the best desired outcome.