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Alicia Tubbs


Meet your artist:

Unlike many artists, Alicia's art career began later in life. It wasn't until she was gifted a watercolor set by her daughter on her 51st birthday that she realized her love for painting. From that day forward she has devoted herself to learning all she can and developing her creative skills.
Looking back, there were several clues that hinted at her creative talent. One of Alicia's favorite classes in school was art class; in middle school fellow students would pay her a quarter to draw pictures on their folders! Most importantly, God started giving Alicia pictures in the form of visions and dreams from as early as she can remember. Both of her grandmothers were naturally crafty; one wrote poems, designed jewelry and crocheted, while the other played the piano, sang and painted. Realizing that an aptitude for creativity is part of her generational inheritance, Alicia has fully embraced the path of a fine artist.
Alicia is a storyteller at heart. Stories of hidden places shared and inner beauty revealed spring up in her imagination. Providing visual tales that beg for interpretation is her aim. The subjects that she chooses are linked together in unique relationships. Do they hold a secret that only the two of them know? Possibly one holds the key to a valued treasure or the key to another's freedom. Peppering symbolism into each painting only adds to its significance. This is also true for the abstracts in her portfolio. For example, there is intentionality to develop depth while allowing the first layer of texture to peek through the final layer. This could point to a heart with many layers that can only be seen and appreciated by those who are willing to take the time.
"In our fast paced world it's easy to feel invisible. Every one of us has an innate desire to be seen and valued for who we are at the core of our hearts." - Alicia Tubbs
This truth is the fragrance that lingers in the atmosphere where Alicia's artistry hangs. The hope is that the collector is able to personally identify with the unfolding narratives. Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy the privilege of viewing and interpreting art, while at the same time feeling like you too are seen and deeply understood? Alicia's paintings invite the art enthusiast into just such a connection in hopes that they would feel known and cherished.
Alicia enjoys spending hours in her bright studio. It overlooks a wooded creek equipped with bird feeders. Nature is one of the greatest inspirations for a creative. It's not uncommon for Alicia to spot a coyote, bobcat or a cardinal from her second story windows. She enjoys creating with a variety of art supplies. She always incorporates oil paint in the final layer for rich, juicy color.
Alicia and her husband are empty nesters who have four children and seven grandchildren. They are native Texans who share a dream of moving to the mountains of Colorado.